Exportation Consultancy

Exportation Consultancy

Growth means new markets, new products, new rules and new risks. “I Need Global” confirms the principle of “Unlimited Exportation” not only with the products it sells and markets, but also with the services it provides. We will acquaint you with new markets, new products and new rules; while minimizing risks by our exportation experience and global network. So, who is our exportation consultancy service for? It doesn’t matter if you are an export company, a manufacturer, a direct investor or an entrepreneur. I Need Global protects your investments and increases your market share by providing you with professional exportation consultancy service. Which country? Which sector? Which product? What is the potential?

Which marketing method is appropriate? What are the risks? How will the time schedule be tracked? What are the legal requirements?” I Need Global has the answers to all these and similar questions.

With our exportation consultancy service, we do not only perform market research for you, but also analyze your competitors and guide you correctly and ethically in market strategies and tactics.

We are here to answer all your questions for the sector, or country, or product you are wondering about. Please feel free to contact us.

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