Floating Pier 2


Floating Pier 2

Floating scaffolding is designed to be used in areas exposed to wind and waves. Unaffected by high wavelengths. The product has 4 different sizes as 50X50X40 cm, 50X100X40 cm, 50X100X25 cm and 50x50x25 cm.

The floating scaffolding system can be integrated into your existing scaffolding. Easy and fast to install. The design can also be changed if desired.

Our customers can erect or dismantle their scaffolding in less than a day. 2 people can easily install a 20 m2 system in an hour, without requiring any special knowledge. Allows installation on the water surface.

In addition to personal use, the floating platform meets many requirements in fish farms, floating ponds, marina solutions, organizations and various water sports complexes. If desired, it can also be connected with rotodock, boatlift, jetport.

Floating scaffolding is manufactured from high density polyethylene by blow molding. This raw material is UV-added and 100% recyclable. Resistant to decay, acids, bases and hydrocarbons. It is very easy to create different designs using Sunnydock modules.

Each cube has four connection points. A single connecting pin is enough to bring the four cubes together. The system can be fixed using many connection methods according to the ambient conditions.



  • It has a design that can be applied to many projects.
  • Suitable for use in open seas and areas exposed to frequent waves or wind.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • More durable thanks to UV additive.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Resistant to rotting, bad weather conditions, acids, bases and hydrocarbons.
  • Harmless to water and the environment.