Floating Pier 3


Floating Pier 3

  • *Private marinas,
  • *Floating bridges,
  • *Military boat berthing piers,
  • *It responds to pier solutions for fishing and ferry boats.

The aim of the system is not only to provide a transit or boat parking area for yachts, but also to create social and active marina areas that serve the yacht owners or the location.


  • It has a carcass system consisting of special profiles resistant to the marine environment and floats made of high-strength polyethylene material that ensures its buoyancy.
  • Different solutions are offered for different types of applications.
  • Finger piers that provide safe and comfortable mooring of boats, special floats for places where high lifting capacity is required or different height (freeboard) is required, coating solutions in different colors and flexibility (composite or wood), easy installation of systems that can provide electricity, water, internet, TV services required for marinas are possible with marine dock floating aluminum scaffolding systems.