SCP TS EN ISO 2858 Norm Pumps



TS EN ISO 2858 Norm Pumps


Clean or lightly contaminated, low or medium viscosity liquids, free of solid particles and fibers.


  • Centrifugal pumps with horizontal shaft, volute, single stage, end suction, closed or semi-open impeller.
  • In addition to 28 models with main dimensions in accordance with TS EN ISO 2858 Standards, 10 complementary models. The main dimensions of complementary models may differ from those of other manufacturers.
  • Dry-running, heavy-duty shaft that does not come into contact with the pumped liquid.
  • Body sealing is ensured by flat gaskets which are positioned in such a way that they will not dislodge under pressure.

Technical Information

Discharge Flange DN 32…DN 250 mm
Debi up to 1500 m3/h
Pressing Height Up to 160 m
Operating Temperature (°C) -10 C to +175 C
Body Pressure (pmax) 16 bar (25 bar)
Speed up to 2900 rpm